One Team

We are Consultants, Engineers & Data Scientists.

In school, a single-skill individual is usually awarded: best business student, best mathematician…
However, delivering an innovative product in the real world could not be further from that.

ABACE Group was founded in 2018 by Filippo, David and Alfonso who, during their time in university realised that a rounded-spiky set of skills is more suitable to design, build and implement data driven products. Since then and with the later aim, we have partnered with clients from industries ranging from Arts and Music to Engineering and Finance.

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Our sole aim in ABACE is to deliver the right tailor made product to your case and company. In order to do so, we constantly engage with the best experts and contractors to enhance our set of consulting and technical skills to build a rounded data product: ready to grow and be implemented.

We firmly believe that driving efficiencies within each corporation is fundamental in order to achieve a sustainable future and innovation is the only enabler.  Our team keeps this in mind in every project we work on and both, the process and the solution, are designed not only to enhance your teams’ capability but also heavily focused on achieving greener operations.

ilippo goes in depth with the operations of your business and focuses on the detail of the implementation.

Initial Co-Founder of the Group and being involved in business since a young age, his expertise on running and leading teams makes him our pillar when setting strategic objectives and the accurate delivery of every sprint. He is an engineer focused on lean manufacturing with an eye for design and simplicity, invested in disrupting the Art industry through technology.

Industry Experience
Manufacturing, Art, Aviation, Nuclear & Mechanical Engineering.

Filippo is a Ph.D on Metallic Additive Manufacturing and holds an MSc. (Hons) in Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College London. BEng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Surrey, gets involved in the opportunity assessment as well as on the Data Science work.
Advisor & Founder

avid brings and manages the momentum required to make a data science product implementation successful regardless the size of the corporation.

Having lead digital transformation projects for big corporations such as British Airways, and currently building ventures from scratch in BCG Digital Ventures, he deeply understands the tempo of these kind of projects and has experience leveraging the power of data to enable better business performance.

He believes that combining the motivation of the management and the needs of the users is key towards building a digital product that will successfully change the way your company operates.

Industry Experience
Aviation, Shipping, Finance, Health & Marketing.

David holds a MSC. (Hons) in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Imperial College London and a BSc. (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Madrid. He is a Scrum Master and a software engineer always involved when developing Cloud Infrastructure, Machine Learning and AR projects.
Advisor & Founder

lfonso quickly understands the detail of the problems and the data landscape in order to analyse it and model it.

Having developed Machine Learning solutions both in academia and for corporations such as Airbus, he encompasses both the ability of developing new theoretical methods and the competences to implement them.

His strong mathematical foundation and his software engineering skills make the difference between a report and a rounded data driven solution.

Industry Experience
Aviation, Robotics, eCommerce & NGOs.

Alfonso holds a MSc.(Hons) in Control Systems from Imperial College London and a BSc. (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Madrid. With a Bsc. in Mathematics, Alfonso stands out from traditional data scientists thanks to his cloud infrastructure and backend development skills.

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