Our Solutions

Data Driven Products for Humans

Unlike other data science startups, we believe Machine Learning products (not reports!) combined with inhouse talent is the way to fundamentally disrupt your operations. This is ABACE’s major .

The successful implementation of these solutions begins by choosing the right business opportunity to apply it and requires to bring your team along the way.

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From a technical point of view, knowing what a ML product looks likeĀ  is key and ABACE dominates it, which enable us to accelerate the development and to deliver small functioning pieces of software after every sprint.

Smarter Marketing

The first step to perform advanced analytics that will result in increasing revenue, reducing operational costs or modernising the state of your industry is making data your biggest asset.

ABACE provides corporations with the modern data platform required for your business as well as migrates on-premise enterprise data warehouses to the cloud.

Art Disruption

After having partner with companies of all sizes, we have learnt that identifying the right opportunity to tackle is one of the most important aspects of a successful implementation of data driven solutions.

Understanding the most valuable area to address, and the ecosystem around it in order to set the team within your organisation for success are exercises on which ABACE consultancy heavily focuses as pillars for long term success.

Saving Fuel for Aviation

If you are looking to upskill your team for them to disrupt your industry, ABACE provides dedicated workshops for every aspect and stakeholder involved in the ecosystem of Data Driven Disruption.

We have an awesome roster of coaches who cover topics such as:

  • Agile team operations
  • DevOps for faster Deployment
  • Talent & Skills (HR teams oriented)
  • Managing Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Machine Learning products: Tech Workshops
  • Efficient Data Analysis Delivery
  • CRM and Customer Journey…

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